Chanyeol Attempted To Correct Sehun’s Spelling And The Sassy Maknae Had The Best Response

Chanyeol couldn’t argue with Sehun’s response:

EXO‘s Chanyeol found out exactly what happens when you try to correct your sassy maknae‘s spelling and it definitely didn’t go as he expected!


Sehun recently surprised fans with a sweet selca of himself getting his hair styled. While the picture immediately had hearts fluttering, there was someone who was a little more interested in Sehun’s caption than the picture itself!

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You can show off everything from morning till evening.

— Sehun


Upon seeing his post captioned with “아침부터저녁까지자랑해도되모든걸”, Chanyeol immediately noticed there was a spelling error in his sentence and couldn’t help himself from correcting Sehun.

Not can ‘되’ be proud of but can ‘돼.’

— Chanyeol


But Sehun was not having it. After seeing Chanyeol’s response, Sehun had the best rebuttal ever…

I brag about hyung wherever I go.

— Sehun


And Chanyeol just couldn’t argue with it!

“I’m sorry…”

— Chanyeol


The hilarious banter between the two has been putting a smile on everyone’s face and it’s not hard to see why.