EXO’s Chanyeol And Sehun Once Played A Game Of Soccer With Gaeko That Ended With A Hilarious Twist

No one was expecting the game to end that way!

With anticipation building with each new day for EXO Sehun and Chanyeol‘s upcoming unit debut and album, the duo recently blessed everyone with a livestream where they revealed some amazing behind-the-scenes stories about it!

In the stream, they were also joined by Kei and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko who helped produce their album and when they arrived fans were treated to some seriously cute and hilarious interactions between them. One of which included the story of a soccer game that went hilariously wrong.

After talking about how energetic and danceable the songs on their album are, somehow the conversation turned to their soccer match. Kei began the story by explaining that Gaeko is surprisingly bad at soccer…

Anyways, Gaeko is really bad at soccer.

— Kei


And Chanyeol couldn’t help but agree!

That’s what I was going to say! I thought he was going to be really good at it!

— Chanyeol


Which is when Gaeko stepped in and revealed there was one thing in particular about his soccer skills that he felt bad about…that he even lost to Sehun!

The thing I felt really bad about though was that I even lost to Sehun.

— Gaeko


Losing to the youngest definitely had Gaeko wishing that he’d practiced his soccer skills a little more because he then admitted that after losing to Sehun, they even had to stop recording that day!

When I lost to Sehun, I was really upset. We even had to stop recording that day!

— Gaeko


Even though Gaeko ultimately lost to Sehun, at least his story means we’re all winning!