Gaeko Exposed EXO Sehun’s Terrible Handwriting Secret But It Was Chanyeol Who Ended Up Embarrassed

Chanyeol was the one that ended up getting teased in the end:

As anticipation for EXO Sehun and Chanyeol‘s upcoming unit debut continues to build, EXO-SC just treated fans with a special livestream where they dished on some behind-the-scenes stories about their upcoming album.


During the stream, they were joined by Kei and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko who worked with Chanyeol and Sehun on the album. Fans were treated with seeing a slice of their hilarious and sweet relationship, including the moment that Gaeko exposed Sehun for his terrible handwriting!


Gaeko revealed that before they had started working, he had wanted to find out more about what Sehun and Chanyeol do in their free time so he asked them a bunch of questions.


Of course, Chanyeol and Sehun were only too happy to extensively report in detail about their daily life.

I’m sure that it wasn’t always easy to tell me everything but they really told me everything…In long messages!

— Gaeko


And when it came to Sehun’s reporting, he even wrote stuff down on a notepad. The only problem was that, according to Gaeko and Kei, Sehun had terrible handwriting! But Gaeko had Sehun’s back and couldn’t help musing over how they say geniuses have bad handwriting.

And Sehun even wrote stuff down on a notepad. His handwriting is really bad though! But they do say that geniuses have bad handwriting!

— Gaeko and Kei


Unfortunately for Chanyeol, when he tried getting in on the compliment by saying he has really bad handwriting too…well…it left him open to some serious teasing from Gaeko!

Really? I wasn’t able to make sure they were geniuses though…

— Gaeko


Looks like even the smartest people can fall victim to some serious teasing! Check out the hilarious moment as well as more amazing moments between them all below: