No One Knew Chanyeol Was Friends With SF9’s Zuho But Everyone’s Already In Love With The Duo

Their latest interaction has been melting hearts.

No one is sure when EXO Chanyeol and SF9 Zuho‘s friendship started but everyone has already fallen in love with the duo especially their latest interaction!


Chanyeol recently sent some major love and support to Zuho and the rest of SF9 by posting about them on his Instagram.


SF9 has been preparing for their comeback while their 6th mini-album, “Narcissus”, is set to drop on February 20th. Zuho wrote lyrics for many of the songs and co-composed 2 on the album, so of course, Chanyeol was one of the first people to show some support for his friend and his group!

“2/20 6:00 Comeback SF9. I hope that Zuho will get better soon so he can join them.”

— Chanyeol


Although fans have guessed that Chanyeol and Zuho met each other through their mutual friend CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, many fans had no idea that the two were that close!


But they’ve been absolutely loving Chanyeol’s support, especially because he showed concern for Zuho who won’t be participating in the group’s promotion because of a back injury.


Now EXO-Ls are ready to support SF9 and have already started sharing their own love for the group too!