EXO’s Chanyeol Shocks Comedian Kim Sook With How Good He Looks In His Military Uniform

His visuals are breathtaking!

EXO Chanyeol‘s visuals are so breathtaking that even comedian Kim Sook can’t ignore how handsome he is!

EXO’s Chanyeol | @sayangexolah/Twitter

Chanyeol was cast in the musical The Meissa’s Song, alongside INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) and former B.A.P’s Daehyun. This musical was planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary of South Korea’s United Nations (UN) membership.  The musical premiered in October, and Chanyeol played the lead role of Raman, a man from the fictional country of Kamur who traveled to South Korea for a K-Pop audition. On his journey, Raman learned about Korean culture through the UN’s peacekeeping forces.

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Musical director Kim Moon Jeong recently appeared on the variety show Boss in the Mirror to discuss The Meissa’s Song, and the variety show aired a video of the cast members who are currently serving in the military.


Of course, as the star of the show, Chanyeol was in the video! He introduced himself as “Private Park Chanyeol” and as a member of EXO.

As soon as she saw Chanyeol, Kim Sook, one of the hosts of Boss in the Mirror, gasped and started fangirling over him, which we can totally relate to! She gasped and said, “Wow, it’s Chanyeol!” 

She couldn’t get over how great he looked in his uniform. She said, “Chanyeol still looks great in a military uniform.” 

The male MCs also gushed over how great Chanyeol looked. One of them said he looked like a “real life version of Descendants of the Sun!” 

In addition to giving us a chance to fawn over Chanyeol’s visuals, Boss in the Mirror also gave fans a peek into rehearsals for The Meissa’s Song as Kim Moon Jeong explained that the musical included elements of K-Pop. Considering Chanyeol is a world-class K-Pop idol, he was definitely the perfect choice for the lead role. The musical numbers included tight choreography, and it looked like Chanyeol already had the intense dance routines down perfectly during rehearsals.

Check out the full video clip below!