EXO’s Chanyeol Was Able To Meet His Sister Park Yoora In Thailand All Because Of Fans

Chanyeol and Yoora had no idea they were in the same place!

While EXO‘s Chanyeol was bringing some serious heat with Sehun at the 2020 K-Joy Music Festival in Bangkok, Thailand, his sister Park Yoora was enjoying a little rest and relaxation time in the exact same city! Being in the same city, it would be the perfect opportunity for the Park siblings to get in some brother-sister bonding…except they had no idea they were both in Bangkok!

Image credit: @yooranna/Instagram


A few days ago, Park Yoora updated her Instagram with a stunning selca she took at a subway station in Thailand. In the post, she listed off some of the things she did on her first day there including eating some delicious Thai curry, getting a massage, and enjoying the night view!


Seeing that Yoora was in Thailand at the exact same time as Chanyeol, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the two siblings would be meeting up for a little bit of rest and relaxation time together. Except, it turns out, they had no idea they were both in Thailand!


Shortly after Yoora posted her first Instagram post, she posted a second, letting everyone know that thanks to fans’ she talked to Chanyeol, discovered they really were in the exact same city, and thanks to fans letting them know, they were able to meet up!

Unforgettable night. My dongsaeng told me he was in Thailand, so I met up with him. I can’t believe we met up last minute in Bangkok…!! I feel like I made it in life.

— Park Yoora


Could this sibling duo get any cuter?

Image credit: @yooranna/Instagram