EXO’s Chanyeol Totally Sweet-Talked a Young Fan Who Offered to Be His

Chanyeol is smooth.

Not only is EXO‘s Chanyeol handsome and talented, but he’s totally smooth when it comes to chatting with fans.

Chanyeol, who has countless young fans looking up to him, stays connected using an online community called Lysn.

And one interaction that he had with a young fan’s confession was so sweet that it’s trending in online communities.

One fan posted,

Park Chanyeol has everything in the world, but he still doesn’t have me.

– Fan

But the fan probably didn’t expect to be sweet-talked by Chanyeol himself.

He replied,

What do I have to do to have you?

– Chanyeol

And that’s not all.

Another fan messaged Chanyeol,

Chanyeol, you’re the most precious person in this world.

– Fan

And Chanyeol didn’t hold back.

Then you’re the most precious person in the whole universe.

– Chanyeol


As if that wasn’t direct enough, when one fan told him she loves him, Chanyeol returned the feelings right back.

Omg, I love you, too.

– Chanyeol

Not to mention this unbelievable interaction.

Fan: I really missed you. Thank you for coming.

Chanyeol: I guess I couldn’t sleep because I needed to see you.

– Lysn

It’s been 8 years since Chanyeol debuted so fans are commending how much he still cherishes his fans and makes it show.

Some of the comments include “So sweet“, “He’s so caring“, and “His love for fans is crazy“.

Source: Insight