EXO Chanyeol Thought He Was Being Sneaky But EXO-Ls Had Him Figured Out

He was just no match for detective EXO-Ls!

EXO‘s Chanyeol is pretty much good at everything. He’s an amazing rapper, singer, dancer, MC, and just an all-around happy virus that always brings a smile to fans’ faces. But there is one thing that Chanyeol isn’t very good at and that’s being sneaky, especially when EXO-Ls are involved!


On December 28, EXO walked the red carpet at KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje and gave a short interview for reporters.


Of course, everyone wanted to know what the kings of K-Pop had in store for everyone that night.


So Chanyeol took the mic and thought he’d be a little bit sneaky. He revealed there would be a special performance by one of his members as well as a “secret” song.


But there was just no fooling EXO-Ls! Within a few minutes, EXO-Ls were sure they knew what the “secret” song would be.


Wouldn’t you know it, EXO-Ls were right too!


So even though Chanyeol attempted to be sneaky, he was just no match for detective EXO-Ls and their love for the group! Check out the “Sign” performance below!