EXO’s Chanyeol Was Transformed Into A Webtoon Character By His Favorite Artist

Even Toben was included!

With the help of one of his favorite artists, EXO‘s Chanyeol has been transformed into a webtoon comic!


Not too long ago, W Korea released some behind-the-scenes footage from their photoshoot with Chanyeol and during these behind scenes, EXO-Ls got to know about Chanyeol’s latest obsession, the webtoon Yumi’s Cells!


Throughout the clip, Chanyeol couldn’t help sharing his love for the webcomic as he read through it while getting his hair and makeup done and everywhere in between!


News of Chanyeol’s love for the webtoon spread and eventually made its way to the webtoon’s author, Lee Dong Geon, who gave his big fan an amazing gift! Chanyeol recently shared a drawing he received from Lee Dong Geon of himself in the webtoon’s style. Bonus, there was even a cute drawing of Toben, Chanyeol’s adorable pup!

Author-nim, I love you.

— Chanyeol


EXO-Ls, meanwhile, have been loving the amazing drawing and couldn’t be happier for Chanyeol.