EXO Chanyeol’s Unchanging Visuals From Early Debut To Now Have Everyone Freaking Out

Serious question: Is Chanyeol aging at all?

After seeing EXO‘s Chanyeol most recent visuals, everyone is starting to believe that Chanyeol simply doesn’t age!

A few days ago, Chanyeol met up with fans through his latest SM Super Idol League broadcast. While fans had a blast playing and chatting with Chanyeol, there was one thing about this particular broadcast that caught everyone’s attention — his visuals!

Image: SM Super Idol League broadcast

As fans took in Chanyeol’s casual style, bright smile, and light brown hair styled to soft perfection, they not only experienced the heart-fluttering effects of his sweet visuals…

Image: SM Super Idol League broadcast

But they also began to experience a bit of deja vu. With his hair styled just so, EXO-Ls couldn’t help but be reminded of Chanyeol’s early debut days when he rocked a very similar style.

Like, really similar! Here’s a photo of Chanyeol that was taken on June 10, 2012, just a few months after EXO made their official debut:

And here’s one from Chanyeol’s broadcast:

Once fans had made the connection to his debut days, they just couldn’t unsee the fact that Chanyeol’s visuals really haven’t changed!

Some fans were even convinced that Chanyeol has secretly been aging backward!

Seriously though, with his unchanging visuals from 2012 to now, is Chanyeol actually aging!