EXO Chen’s “Radio Star” Appearance Resurfaces In Light Of His Wedding News

Netizens believe show host Kim Gu Ra had a hunch about Chen’s relationship.

In April 2019, EXO‘s Chen appeared on Radio Star and clarified why he is considered among SM Entertainment‘s artists to be an “outsider”. In light of his recent wedding news, this particular episode — especially show host Kim Gu Ra‘s reaction to Chen’s clarification — has resurfaced.


In this episode, the show hosts wanted talk about why Chen isn’t easy to reach on the phone. Chen admitted that he isn’t the type to contact anyone first, though he tries to answer the calls he receives.

My phone bill is mostly for the data usage. I try to answer all the calls that I get, but I don’t usually dial first. I don’t want to be a nuisance. I guess I feel the most comfortable when I’m by myself.

— Chen


When asked to share why he always leaves early when he is out drinking with EXO members, Chen answered that after a few drinks, he feels the urge to go home.

Well, EXO is a big group. So when we start talking about something, it can last hours. Plus, when I get drunk, I tend to feel the urge to find my way home.

— Chen


To that, Kim Gu Ra teased it is a common excuse idols use to “go off and meet their girlfriends”.

Kim Gu Ra: We’ve seen plenty of idols who say that and go off to meet their girlfriends.
Haha: Exactly! Thanks for getting that off my chest.


While at the time the episode aired, this comment mildly agitated the fans, it has now resurfaced to have Korean netizens convinced that Kim Gu Ra must have known about Chen’s relationship.

  • “He wasn’t by himself. He was obviously with his girlfriend.”
  • “Of course he had to go early, his wife was waiting at home.”
  • “I remember how this very episode sparked Chen’s dating rumors too…”
  • “Kim Gu Ra knows everything. He got Sungmin right too.”
  • “I mean, fans knew he had a girlfriend. This was a very obvious thing for him to say.”
  • “At this point, Kim Gu Ra should change his name to Kim Facts.”


Meanwhile, EXO-Ls continue to show divided reactions to Chen’s impending marriage and fatherhood. Some Korean fans are upset, demanding Chen to quit the group — while most international fans are celebrating Chen Jr. with humor.

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Source: THEQOO