EXO Chen’s “Wife” Is More Famous Than Any Celebrity Right Now

Everyone knows Chen’s legendary lady.

EXO‘s Chen might not actually be married but his “wife” has been taking the internet by storm and is more famous than any celebrity right now!


There have been whispers of a legendary EXO-L who goes by the name “Kim Jongdae Wife” floating around the internet for a while, but this fan drew some major attention during the recent episode of SM Entertainment‘s SM Super Celeb League Gaming Broadcast.


Last year, “Kim Jongdae Wife” caught everyone’s eye when she beat Baekhyun and Sehun multiple times during their games of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


While Baekhyun probably thought he had seen the last of her when the season ended last year, that wasn’t going to happen! During the recent broadcast, one fan beat Baekhyun in the game and although the username was “The Lost Dream”…

“The Lost Dream?”

— Baekhyun


It turns out, it was really “Kim Jongdae Wife” back again!

“There was a winner named ‘The Lost Dream’ right? Well, originally her nickname was ‘Kim Jongdae Wife.'”

— Host


At first, many fans were giving some serious love to Baekhyun’s reaction when he found out the true identity of “The Lost Dream.”


But soon the attention turned from Baekhyun to Chen…


And then to his “wife”!


She even began to trend herself!


Now “Kim Jongdae Wife” is a name that the whole fandom knows!