So It Seems EXO’s Chen And Chanyeol Have Mastered The Whisper Challenge

#ChenYeol FTW!

In the latest episode of Knowing BrosEXO put their teamwork to the test by trying the whisper challenge — and Chen x Chanyeol turned out to be the perfect pair for winning this game!


The first word for Chen to deliver to Chanyeol was dong-gap, meaning “the same age”. Chen’s clue “You and I” had Chanyeol slightly confused at first:

Chen: You and I, what are we?
Chanyeol: … IU?


It only took this one round for Chanyeol to get in sync with Chen though.

You and I are… dong-gap!

— Chanyeol


From here on, it was as if they shared the same brain cells! Here’s Chanyeol listening with his eyes…

Chen: Student!
Chanyeol: Student?
Chen: Good grades!
Chanyeol: Good grades?


… then answering with his Chen-synched brain cell.

Chen: What is that?
Chanyeol: A mobumsaeng (model student)!
Chen: That’s right!


Chanyeol continued to guess everything Chen said correctly, to the point that the show hosts grew suspicious that they could hear each other!

Chen: If it’s cold…
Chanyeol: Cold?
Chen: What do you wear?
Chanyeol: A padding!


Could it be, the bigger the eyes, the better the hearing? Seeing from how hard Chanyeol’s face was at work throughout the challenge made viewers wonder —


— but one thing is for sure; Chen and Chanyeol definitely has the teamwork that makes the dream work!


Meanwhile, here’s Kai:

EXO’s Kai Is That One Friend We All Have Who Never Hears Anything Correctly