Korean EXO-Ls Are Comparing Chen To Apples For The Cutest Reason

He’s got a new fruity nickname now too!

With their sweet and refreshing looks, some K-Pop idols have earned fruit nicknames thanks to what fans call their cool and “fruity” visuals and although it’s generally female idols who earn the nicknames, EXO‘s Chen was recently given a brand new fruit nickname!


Chen is no stranger to the fruit nicknames. In the past, he’s earned the nickname “small orange,” “sweet persimmon,” and “avocado.” Now he’s adding one more apple-themed nickname to his fruit list thanks to Korean EXO-Ls.


Recently, Chen has been going on a mini-busking tour popping up in Busan, Gwanju, Daejeon, and Seoul. While fans have excitedly been waiting to see where Chen will pop up next to give another soulful and sweet performance, they’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the fancams from the events.


With all those fancams stealing hearts, it’s no surprise that Korean EXO-Ls noticed something very special about Chen’s visuals. With his incredibly happy glow and his smile on full display, fans couldn’t get over how Chen’s cheeks looked like polished apples.


Seeing that, Korean EXO-Ls simply couldn’t resist giving him a brand new nickname and dubbed his apple glow “홍옥사과” which translates to Jonathan apple!


Since K-fans first made the comparison, fans all over the world have been falling in love with the nickname and think it’s the perfect addition to the rest of Chen’s fruity nicknames!


Chen, our sweet persimmon, small orange, adorable avocado, and now our shining apple!