EXO D.O.’s Fan-made Calendar Merchandise Simply Blows The Internet’s Mind

EXO-Ls are in love with the quality.

EXO‘s D.O. enlisted in the army on July 1, 2019 and is currently serving his military duty. EXO-Ls have spent the past five months missing D.O. dearly…


… while one fan in particular, by the handle of @_forDO on Twitter, turned this longing into productivity and created a special “daily calendar” merchandise for fellow EXO-Ls to use while patiently waiting for his discharge in 2021. And the pure out-of-this-world quality of this merch has the internet shook!


According to EXO-Ls who purchased the calendar, @_forDO’s calendar features 399 pages of D.O.’s pictures, from December 24, 2019 to January 25, 2021 when he is scheduled to complete his service.


The calendar is said to count down the days until his discharge…


… and to include UWU designs for special days like D.O.’s birthday…

Thank you for making the calendars @_forDO!

— Twitter @ddu1225


… and even April Fools’ Day!


EXO-Ls are deeply touched by the quality of the calendar and cannot appreciate @_forDO’s time and effort enough to make such a meaningful merchandise…

My calendar arrived T-T Here’s a picture of it with the bbolamb doll. Every day features a new D.O., I’m so happy… Although I don’t think I can rip out the pages like I’m supposed to each day. Thank you for the calendar, @_forDO!

— Twitter @erebos222


… plus, they have happily made their purchases, as the profits from the calendar sales have been promised to be donated to a good cause! D.O. must be proud to have the support of such wonderful fans. Korean netizens most definitely are!


Take a closer look at the D.O. calendar here:

Source: THEQOO