EXO’s D.O. Only Wears These Rimless Glasses In Private And He Looks Freaking Adorable

Can we get a petition to have D.O. in glasses 24/7??

EXO member D.O. is known for many things, such as his incredible singing, acting and dancing abilities. He also brings laughter anytime he guests on a variety program, really showing off his well-rounded K-Pop idol skills. However, D.O. has also become known for his bad eyesight, which is in no thanks to his astigmatism. While this is a commonly known fact amongst EXO-Ls, it became more publicly known when the EXO member himself explained his eyesight on Knowing Brothers back in 2017.

My astigmatism is really bad, but I can’t wear contacts because they don’t fit correctly so they’re uncomfortable. I usually wear glasses, but when I go on shows, I’m not allowed to wear them so I take them off. But since I can’t see, I make this face.

— EXO’s D.O. on “Knowing Brothers”

EXO’s D.O. showing off the facial expression he makes when he doesn’t have his glasses on | JTBC

D.O. is frequently photographed making the “intense” facial expression as above, which has been taken out of context numerous times. D.O.’s explanation revealed that this facial expression is his way of trying to see things clearly. With all that said, however, the EXO member has a pair of rimless glasses that he supposedly wears in private and photos of him wearing them have made their rounds online. Unsurprisingly enough, netizens quickly became obsessed with the cute visuals D.O. served while wearing his glasses.

Here he is with a baseball cap and a cute little wave, making the photo just that much cuter.

| theqoo

D.O. looks straight into the camera for this candid photo and we’re not mad about it. His perfect complexion, the great lighting, and the candidness of the photo all paired with his glasses make this photo that much better.

| theqoo

This particular clip kind of broke netizens, as they gushed over his mature and sexy “medical student” look.

Netizens had a lot to express after viewing these photos of D.O. in his glasses. They all gushed over his handsome visuals, as well as his “mature” vibe.

| theqoo
  • “Why do I like him so much…he’s honestly so sexy.”
  • “He’s really f*cking good looking.”
  • “Wow D.O. seriously….he’s seriously seriously so good looking.”
  • “There’s something about it that’s so sexy.”
  • “Um…I like it because he looks older…usually he looks so young because of his face so this is a different vibe.”
  • “Apparently…I….like rimless glasses.”
  • “I honestly used to hate rimless glasses, but I guess I’ve liked them all along…I love Doh Kyung Soo (D.O.’s birth name) that wears rimless glasses.”
  • “Omg…please be mine.”
  • “His good looks are one thing, but he looks so mature with the rimless glasses. It’s nice.”
  • “Wow, I can’t believe he can pull these glasses off…he’s truly the perfect celebrity.”
| Hankyung

Glasses or no glasses, I think we can all agree that D.O. looks good no matter what! In related news, D.O. participated in EXO’s highly anticipated comeback, “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” which you can check out down below.

Source: theqoo