Netizens Are Calling EXO’s D.O. A True Actor After Seeing His Amazing Emoticon Impressions

You won’t be able to tell the difference between the emoticon and D.O.

By now, everyone knows that EXO‘s D.O. is a fantastic actor. He’s won numerous awards for his acting skills and his latest movie “Swing Kids” is receiving lots of rave reviews!


On top of that, he’s already cemented his career for 2019!

EXO D.O.’s Acting Career is Set for 2019, Here’s Why…


Netizens, however, were even more convinced by D.O.’s acting abilities after seeing his impressive emoticon impressions! During a press conference for “Swing Kids”, D.O. tried out his impression skills. Starting with the scared face…


He shocked everyone with his dead-on talent.


And the longer he did it…


The better he got!


Then he moved on to this face.


Although it wasn’t an immediate success…


The longer he tried, the better it became until it was spot on.


Not to mention his smiling face was pure perfection!


Netizens fell in love with all his great impressions and think it’s further proof that D.O. is a great actor everyone should look out for!