EXO-Ls Got An Insider Look Into EXO’s Dorm Life And It Wasn’t Anything Like Anyone Expected

It was surprisingly humble:

Although EXO have shown EXO-Ls brief glimpses of their dorm life through livestreams and the like, EXO-Ls recently got a clear look into their dorm and it was nothing like they had expected.

On February 20, Chanyeol and MQ posted a video titled “Chanyeol & MQ Cake Delivery” on their YouTube channel. While Chanyeol to Dynamic Duo Gaeko‘s home to make his delivery, MQ headed to EXO’s dorm to give his cake to Suho.

With MQ’s delivery, EXO-Ls got a true insider look at their dorm and it turned out to be surprisingly simple! Although EXO might be multi-millionaires, they don’t have extra fancy appliances or furniture.

While their dorm appeared very spacious, fans were quick to notice many regular everyday items like a simple water cooler…

The EXO dorm Evian water dispenser I imagined.

Real dormitory water dispenser.


Some penguin oven mitts they received from fans…

Delivery coupons stuck on the fridge…

And a regular rice cooker model.

Besides the overall normalcy of their appliances and furnishings, EXO also live pretty normally too. Like any group of boys living together, their dorm was a little bit messy (even Suho admitted as much) but at the same time, it had a certain organized chaos to it.

Seeing just how normal EXO’s dorm life really is, EXO-Ls have been praising EXO for staying humble and living just like anyone else would.

Although expectation versus reality of EXO’s dorm life was definitely not what fans expected, EXO-Ls are loving the humble reality!

Source: The Qoo