EXO’s Newest Fanboy Enrique Gil Just Proved His Love For EXO In The Most Epic Way

He may be new to the fandom, but he’s already proven himself to be a true EXO-L.

It hasn’t been that long since fans found out that Filipino actor, singer, and dancer Enrique Gil was bitten by the K-Pop bug and was thoroughly charmed by EXO, but he’s already proven that he’s a big fan in an absolutely epic way!


Many EXO-Ls remember the epic and viral “Ko Ko Bop” challenge where fans danced the quick choreography for the lyrics, “Down down baby.” In 2017, it hit the internet by storm and even ended up making its way back to the EXO members themselves!


Although the challenged was skipped for “Tempo”, some fans have been pulling it back out for “Love Shot”! Which is where Enrique Gil comes in. EXO-Ls were incredibly excited to hear that Enrique was going to be dancing along to “Love Shot” on ASAP, a well-known show in the Philippines.

“I’m going to be dancing ‘Love Shot’ by EXO.”

— Enrique Gil


And of course, Enrique didn’t disappoint!


Fans got to see Enrique along with BoybandPH bust out some flawless EXO choreography.

BoybandPH is another group that has been showing EXO a lot of love and their own dance cover of “Love Shot” has been going viral too!


Enrique and BoybandPH’s love for dancing mixed with their love for EXO could certainly be seen up on stage.


And their moves certainly proved they are big fans of EXO!


Meanwhile, EXO-Ls have been incredibly happy to see this amazing dance cover and have been sending a whole lot of love to these fanboys!


Check out a video of the performance below: