Filipino Celebrity Jameson Blake Let His Inner EXO-L Run Wild During EXO’s Recent Concert

Jameson showed off his EXO-L side!

Whenever EXO hit the stage you know it’s going to be amazing and with their EXplOration tour in full swing, they’ve been bringing nothing but pure fire to each and every one of their stunning concerts. And with a recent stop in Manila, Filipino actor, dancer, television personality, and boy band #HASHTAGS member Jameson Blake was definitely feeling their fire!


During the first day of their Manila tour stops, EXO left everyone gasping for breath with their intense performances, sweet ments, and straight-up amazing interactions. All of the moments from the concert definitely had EXO-Ls everywhere celebrating big, including none other than Jameson!


Before their concert even began, Jameson proved he was pumped for the concert when he tweeted out a message asking who else was going.


And when it kicked off, not only did many fans spot Jameson in the crowd…


But he also showed off his EXO-L side big time by sharing some of his own fancams! First, Jameson shared his fancam of Kai‘s solo “Confession” stage with a caption that said it all.


Then he shared another spectacular fancam of EXO’s “Love Shot” performance!


Seeing Jameson in attendance and letting his inner EXO-L shine has been putting a huge smile on his fellow EXO-Ls’ faces but this isn’t the first time that Jameson has proven himself to be a huge Eri! Back in 2017, he and singer Iñigo Pascual were spotted having some serious fun during EXO Planet #3 — The EXO’rDIUM world tour.


Meanwhile, in 2018, Jameson further showed his love for EXO through a series of tweets including one about their Olympics performance and another naming Kai as his bias!


With his latest appearance at their EXplOration concert, Jameson proved once again that he’s a huge EXO-L!