Someone Turned EXO’s “Gravity” Into A Video Game Trailer And We’ve Never Wanted To Play A Game More

We need this game ASAP!

With their alien superpower concept, there’s no denying that EXO would be amazing as video game characters. Thanks to one EXO-L, however, no one has to wonder any longer because they just created a video game trailer for EXO’s “Gravity”!


Since “Gravity” is such a fantastic song, an EXO-L named Rui decided it was time for the song to get its own MV. And what better way to do that then do it in the style of a video game!


As the MV starts, you are taken through the player selection page. When the players are selected you find out your mission is to find Lay!


As the game progresses, the first mission is revealed and EXO have to fight the giant robot in “Power” to unlock the next level! This level is set up like a classic video game complete with health bars and dialogue.


Each of the levels presents a different challenge and gameplay style. With a combination of EXO scenes from previous videos and teasers, you’ll be kept guessing what will come next!


By the time you get to the final level, you simply can’t wait to see what kind of surprises you’ll face!


We’re totally convinced that this EXO video game would be amazing and so will you after watching the full video below!


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