Fans Have Fallen In Love With EXO’s Kai Alter Ego “Uncle Kai”

It’s almost too cute to handle!

EXO‘s Kai may melt hearts on stage with his smooth honey vocals…


Dangerously sexy dance moves…


And dazzling good-looks.


But there’s one more thing about him that’s been melting hearts since forever…


And that’s how good he is with kids!


Kai has a niece and a nephew who he loves very much.


He’s always sharing photos and videos of them much to everyone’s delight!


While every moment he shares with his adorable relatives is beyond sweet…


Kai has proven on more than one occasion that he’s incredibly good with all kids!


Like the time he met his baby doppelganger Taeoh on Oh My Baby!


His adorable interactions with Taeoh made many hearts flutter.


Now even more people have fallen for this side of Kai thanks to his recent appearance on The Return of Superman.


“Uncle Kai” quickly won over Gunhoo and Naeun!


He had some major fun with them…


While also making sure they got a tasty meal!


He really had a way with Naeun.


She even let him touch her hair (and she doesn’t even let her father do that)!


Kai left such a huge impact that Naeun’s mom said that she asked for Kai after the filming!


All these sweet interactions between kids and Kai have made everyone fall even further in love with him.