It Might Have Been EXO Kai’s Birthday, But He Just Gave The Best Present Of All To Fans

He kept his promise to fans!

It’s normal for the person celebrating their birthday to receive gifts from the people who love them, but EXO‘s Kai has just surprised EXO-Ls with the sweetest and most heartfelt gift they could ever ask for!


Not too long ago, fans were worried that Kai might not be having his annual birthday party but were beyond excited when SM Entertainment finally made the announcement.

SM Entertainment Announced EXO Kai’s Offical Birthday Event


All that excitement has come to a head at last as Kai just celebrated his birthday with fans!


But it isn’t just the fact that Kai decided to once again share his special day with EXO-Ls that has been warming hearts, it’s all his sweet gestures! From the very beginning of his party, Kai teased fans with his exceptional talent.


And as the night went on, the festivities got even better. First, there were the good luck charms that Kai handed out…


With a personal message to fans.

“EXO-L, this is a good luck charm! It has magic that will bring happy days for everyone. Take it out whenever you want to see it or miss me! EXO-L, I’ve loved you for a long time. You know that I love you, right? This is a message I am leaving to remember this happy day!”

— Kai, lucky charm message


And a whole bunch of happy and adorable interactions!


But even when the party was over, he still had something to give to fans. A few days before, he promised to celebrate his birthday with Eris and really did until the very end of the day! He took social media to do a livestream with fans, to thank those he had fun with…


And to celebrate with those who were unable to make it.


All those sweet gestures have touched the hearts of all EXO-Ls and prove once more that he deserves all the love in the world!