Two Thai BLINKs Just Took The Kai And Jennie Dating News To A Whole New Level

Let’s just say they took their cosplay game very seriously!

There have been a number of different reactions to the latest EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie dating news, but no one has had quite the same reaction as two BLINKs from Thailand who took things to a whole new level!

How Fans are Reacting to BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai Dating


BLACKPINK recently gave a performance in Bangkok for their “In Your Area” tour, and BLINKs sent the girl group a lot of love. From spreading their happiness at seeing the group through their cheers…


To their amazing colorful ocean, there was no shortage of BLINK spirit.


But there were two fans that decided to go the extra mile to put a smile on everyone’s face. How?


By dressing up like Kai and Jennie…


And taking their cosplay game to the next level when they were “caught” together!


With such brilliant cosplays, it’s really no wonder netizens have can’t stop talking about this sweet and hilarious gesture!