EXO’s Kai Channeled His Inner YouTuber During His Insta Live And Had Everyone Cracking Up

No channel? No problem for vlogger Kai!

EXO‘s Kai may not have a YouTube channel of his own but that certainly didn’t stop him from channeling his inner YouTuber during his recent Instagram live.

Meeting up with HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo and VIXX‘s Ravi for some good food and company, Kai went live with his friends to share all the fun with fans. And fun they certainly had, especially when Kai decided to add a little extra zestiness to their meal by transforming into a vlogger.

Fully embracing it, Kai had fans cracking up as he casually put his hand behind his food and utensils mirroring what many vloggers do to bring an object into focus!

Kai didn’t stop there, however, he made sure to make plenty of comments about what he was eating too!

Fans have been loving everything about his food fun and really, who wouldn’t!

Now if we could just get Kai to open his own YouTube channel so we could get even more vlogger Kai content!