EXO’s Kai Gave His Backup Dancers Heart Attacks When Dropping His Cake

The backup dancers were the ones in for a surprise.

Whenever cakes are involved, the members of EXO always end up causing funny moments. This time, it was Kai‘s turn to bring on the chaos.

| @ohsenh/Twitter

When his backup dancers celebrated his solo debut with a cake, they were the ones who were in for a surprise.

In a clip from Instagram, they handed the idol a beautiful green cake, which quickly slipped away from him and was headed straight towards the floor.

They all shared the same thought as they screamed and quickly reached out their hands to stop the cake from taking a nosedive. Kai’s shy smile showed just how appreciative he was that they came to the rescue.

Kai then took a closer look at the drawing of himself on the cake, asking if it was really him.

Even when Kai cut the cake and posed for a photo to remember the moment, he had fans laughing from how tilted the cake was yet again.

Kai with his backup dancers. | haley_s0ng/Instagram

It looks like EXO can’t seem to win against cakes.