EXO Kai’s Emotional Words About His Father Are Breaking Fans’ Hearts

Kai spoke about his dad in his “The Performers” video and his latest live:

EXO‘s Kai has been touching many hearts and leaving fans feeling very emotional after opening up about his late father in his The Performers film and his latest Instagram live.


As a performer on GQ and Gucci‘s The Performers collaborations series, Kai showed fans many sides of himself in the latest installment of the series. Diving deep into the past, Kai explored personal memories about his family as well as the origins for his love of dance and choreography.

One day when I was little, I saw someone dancing on TV. I told my dad, ‘I want to do that.’ The next day he took me to a dance studio.

— Kai


Many of his stories came back to his time spent with his father who passed away last year and many themes throughout the video showed Kai’s strong and everlasting bond with his dad.

My dad had to remain in our hometown village, to support my dance class tuition. He knew what it felt like to give up on one’s dreams. He chose to remain there, so I didn’t have to give up on mine.

— Kai


The film itself already had fans feeling pretty emotional, but no one could stop the flow of tears when Kai later went live on Instagram. While talking about the film, he revealed how much the film meant to him as well as how he still had all the videos his father recorded of him dancing.


But he truly had everyone’s heart breaking when he looked right into the camera and said, “I miss you. I miss you, dad.”


Kai’s emotional words to his father have many fans expressing their love and support for him while expressing just how proud they are of him.


Kai’s stories about his father, meanwhile, continue to touch hearts everywhere through his live and his The Performers video: