The Meaning Behind Kai’s “EXplOration” Concert Tattoos Would Melt Even The Coldest Heart

His temporary tattoos held a very special meaning to him:

During EXO‘s first week of their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour, EXO not only left everyone breathless with their powerful and flawless performances, but they also drove everyone wild with their amazing visuals which included some surprise temporary tattoos!


While Suho had everyone swooning with his own set of temporary ink and their adorable meanings, there was one more member whose designs had everyone shook!


Kai was also spotted sporting some temporary tattoos and while fans were already feeling overwhelmed from simply seeing them…


He soon took everyone on an emotional ride when he revealed that all of the drawings were done by his father who sadly passed away last year.


Kai later revealed during an Instagram live session that he had wanted to do a special tribute to his father with his tattoos. Even sweeter he mentioned that the animals and other drawings were ones that his dad had made because he had wanted to use them in a storybook for his grandchildren!

At our concert, I wanted to do a tribute to my father who helped me become an artist. Not in the sad kind of way, though. My father drew these to make a storybook for Rahee and Raeon (Kai’s niece and nephew) so I wanted to draw them on my body.

— Kai


Additionally, Kai also mentioned that he had his father’s autograph on his arm…

This one is actually my father’s autograph.

— Kai


And that the “Here I stand” tattoo was something that his father had said to him growing up so that he would become the amazing person he is!


If that isn’t the sweetest then what is! Now excuse me, I need to go find some tissues!