The Story Behind The EXO Fan’s Mom Who Trended On Twitter

She was determined to see Kai and Chen at all costs.

EXO’s Kai and Chen were two of the incredible performers at London’s recent HallyuPopFest. Both idols ensured that they would give fans the best performances possible, with Kai even dancing so hard that he ripped his pants.

And while all of EXO’s fans in the audience loved their performances…

There was one fan in particular who proved her love for the idols. While Kai looked stunningly handsome on the red carpet, fans were almost more captivated by an adorable fan.

Kai | @exorelics/Twitter
| @exorelics/Twitter

Many fans felt she was a relatable example of how they’d never stop stanning EXO.

But one fan couldn’t contain their surprise as they explained that the woman in the photo was their mother and that both of them are big EXO fans who had come to see Kai and Chen.

In fact, the mother might even be more of a fan since she was willing to do everything possible to get to see them in person.

The two had spent a while in line to secure their place, and while the one fan understood that other fans who had been waiting longer might have needed to leave the line temporarily…

Their mother didn’t exactly agree.

Fortunately, a lot of other fans understood the situation.

And many fans were still insisting that it was adorable to see the mom’s enthusiasm for EXO.

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