EXO’s Kai Gave Fans Exactly 5 Minutes To Quench Their Thirst For His Sexy Shirtless Dancing

Kai is such a tease:

Between dropping heart-stopping selcas and ridiculously cute posts with his niece and nephew on Instagram, EXO‘s Kai loves to make hearts race with some dance practice clips including his latest dance clip that was only up for 5 minutes!

On February 12, Kai surprised EXO-L with a super sexy dance practice sans shirts and with his muscles on full display.

The post immediately sent hearts into overdrive but there was a catch. Kai may have been willing to share the heart-stopping clip with fans but he only gave them 5 minutes to thoroughly quench their thirst!

Once the 5 minutes were up, the video quickly disappeared! Or did it? About 10 minutes after the post disappeared, it suddenly made a reappearance! Teasing EXO-L once again, Kai decided to give everyone another 5 minutes to take it all in!

While giving fans just that little bit more time, Kai decided to drop some more surprises on EXO-L. Like, say, the fact that he has a whole lot more clips just like that one!

With Kai satisfied with teasing EXO-L with his dangerous dance moves and muscles, the post once again disappeared. While it didn’t make a reappearance, EXO-L had luckily captured it all to share with their fellow fans!

Now we just need Kai to drop the rest of his shirtless dance practices…you know, for science!