EXO Kai’s First Thought After Finding Candy In His Bag Was To Share It With Everyone

He made sure his members and EXO-L got a sweet treat:

When he’s performing, EXO‘s Kai is pure intensity and power but when he isn’t performing, he’s just a big softie who loves nothing more than to share his happiness with others. And that’s exactly what he did when he discovered some candy in his bag during one of EXO’s EXplOration concerts!

Having received a bear bag during the concert, Kai took a few moments during one ment to explore the bag a little more and soon found out that it was full of candy.

Brimming with excitement over the find, Kai not only showed his appreciation for the surprise by popping a piece in his mouth but he immediately wanted to give some of the candy to EXO-L in the crowd.

Catching a security guard’s attention, Kai was soon passing along the candy to fans and sharing some of his candy excitement.

After making sure that EXO-L had some sweets, Kai immediately turned to Chanyeol and made sure that he got some pieces too!

Kai is truly the biggest softie around and is always ready to share what makes him happy and excited with those around him.

Source: @TT9488