No One Can Stop Talking About EXO Kai’s Sexy Solo Gayo Daejeon Stage

“Ah! I literally gasped during this part.”

With performances from BTS, EXO, WINNER, TWICE, BLACKPINK and many more there was definitely something for every K-Pop fan at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018: The Wave, but there’s one particular performance that has left everyone gasping for breath.

Here’s Everything You Missed From The 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon


SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018: The Wave was held on Christmas day in Korea and offered up a ton of very exciting and stunning performances. While each group left fans cheering, EXO’s finale has left many jaws firmly on the floor.


Especially, Kai‘s sexy solo dance before the group performed “Love Shot”!


His devastating dance moves have wrecked EXO-Ls…


And have even caused a commotion among non-fans!

  • “He’s so coolㅠㅠ I was like, ‘Kai is truly a god’ as I watched his part!”

  • “Ah! I literally gasped during this part. I even felt like fainting.”

  • “I couldn’t close my mouth as I watched him dancing. Kim Jongin is truly the best.”

  • “Kai is serious my type. He’s wearing all black and biting that rose and dancing at the same time. Wow! I can’t believe that I find myself imaging if I were that rose…”

  • “When is the fancam going to be released? Kai is a dancing legend and I want to see this in HD!”


His moves were the perfect way to kick off EXO’s performance and definitely left a huge impression on everyone who watched it.


In fact, the performance was so stunning that Kai, EXO, and “Love Shot” were all trending topics for days after the performance!


Talk about major impact!


But then again, with moves like that and an equally heart-stopping “Love Shot” and “Tempo” performance, it’s no wonder no one can stop talking about it!


Check out Kai’s jaw-dropping solo as well as EXO’s equally stunning “Love Shot” performance below!