Gucci Is So In Love With Kai That They Use His Name In A Very Special Way

Gucci found a unique way to give love to Kai:

There’s no way someone could dislike EXO‘s Kai. His loveable personality, heavenly vocals, deadly dance moves, and amazing visuals have stolen a lot of hearts over the years and with the addition of his stunning style, he’s also captured the fashion world!


Kai is no stranger to receiving love from the world of fashion. He’s been praised by Vogue numerous times,  captured the heart of someone who said they weren’t interested in male celebrities, and now Gucci uses his name in a very special way!


In a recent interview the Deputy Minister of Culture, Choi Bo Yoon, talked about K-Pop’s effects on the fashion world and in particular Kai’s influence. He revealed that Kai’s name isn’t simply a name anymore for the brand!

Kai’s force is so incredible that at the Gucci headquarters, ‘Kai’ has become a unified terminology when inviting celebrities or VIG (Very Important Gucci customer).

— Choi Boo Yoon

From brand ambassador to Gucci to becoming the unified terminology for inviting celebrities, Kai just can’t be stopped!

Source: Chosun