EXO’s Kai Admits The Hilarious And Relatable Reason His House Is Decorated So Beautifully

He’s just like us! 🤣

EXO‘s Kai once showed off his gorgeous home on an episode of “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”). The stunning modern decor and open floor plan is to die for!

Going for a minimalist style, Kai keeps everything extremely neat and tidy with most of his belongings neatly stored away.

Kai shared how excited he is about interior design and viewed his house like a canvas.

I thought of my entire house as a blank canvas. You can draw a dot on a canvas and it becomes art.

— Kai

Picking focal points for each room, fans may wonder how Kai came to this point of being so skilled when it comes to interior design. However, he recently shared the relatable way he gets his practice in!

I have a lot of interest in interior design. I spend most of my time at home. I don’t have a lot of friends and I only meet a few people. *Laughs* Before moving out, I’ve always been planning in my head thinking, ‘My house has to looks like this.’ Through the ‘Sims’ game, I decorated my house a lot. *Laughs*

— Kai

Netizens found Kai’s honesty both adorable and funny!

  • “No but why is he mentioning Sims here? LOL”
  • “Sims…. I fully relate”
  • “Sims lmao! Ah he’s cute”
  • “He’s just like me lol. Decorating my house in Sims is the most fun”

Check out his full house tour below.

Source: theqoo