Fans Are Touched That EXO’s Kai Kept A Gift From A Fan From Six Years Ago

What a sweet soul.

EXO Kai fans are in tears after finding out that he kept a sprout pin that he received as a present from a fan six years ago.

In the recent episode of The Game Caterers, Kai and actor Bae Jung Nam visited each others’ houses. While browsing Kai’s closet, fans couldn’t help but notice a small sprout pin hanging from one of his coats.

Turns out, it was a pin that a fan gave him during an event six years ago!

My friend gave the flower pin that Jun Myeon is holding and I gave Jongin the sprout pin. Our P.E. teacher made these pins and because the shape, length and color looked so similar we asked if it was those pins and they said it was! Oh my god I’m crying.

After receiving the pin at the event, Kai was seen wearing the pin a few days later in Japan through airport photos!

Fans were touched to think that he kept the pin with him all this time and through all his moves from different houses!

| The Game Caterers/YouTube

Netizens were both amazed and touched that he kept it with him all this time.

  • “The fan must feel so touched to see that he kept it all this time!”
  • “This is so touching…”
  • “Someone that is good to their fans is truly a great person!”
  • “This is so cute and lovable!”
  • “It’s so touching that he kept that small pin safe for six years!”
Source: theqoo