Kim Soo Ro Revealed It Wasn’t Easy Persuading EXO’s Kai To Take Part In His New Variety Show

Kai was a curious but suspicious about the new show:

Although Kim Soo Ro was eventually able to persuade EXO‘s Kai to take part in his upcoming new variety show, Let’s Go Mansuro, it certainly wasn’t easy!


A few months back, it was first announced that Kai would be taking part in a brand new variety show with actor Kim Soo Ro. The variety show, set in England, follows Kim Soo Ro, Kai, and more as they face the challenges of running a soccer team.


But it turns out that getting Kai to join in the program was the first challenge Kim Soo Ro had to overcome! Kai is a huge soccer fan himself and has even gotten soccer balls and uniforms from fans during his birthday! With his love of soccer, one might think it would be easy to convince Kai to join a program all about the sport, but not so much.


When Kim Soo Ro visited Kai and suggested that they run the club together in England, Kai was immediately curious and yet suspicious! In fact, in a recent trailer for the show, fans found out that Kai’s mom had warned him about contracts like Kim Soo Ro’s!

My mom told me not to do contracts like this…

— Kai

Although Kai may have been unsure about the show at first, eventually Kim Soo Ro was able to win him over and now fans are counting down for the first episode to air on June 21. Check out a trailer for the show below:

Source: Sports Donga


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