EXO’s Kai Once Revealed What He Thinks Of Lovelyz’s Mijoo And We Couldn’t Agree More

Hilarious yet heartwarming.

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo reunited with EXO‘s Kai on Sixth Sense 2, after meeting him on Amazing Saturday. As she had already prior interaction with him, the other cast for Sixth Sense didn’t hesitate to ask them what they thought of each other as junior and senior.

Mijoo, known for her honest and easygoing personality, shared that she found it hard to approach him as he was a huge sunbae. She was unable to stand next to him in the show because of this, despite the urging of the other cast members. Kai immediately denied that he was a hard person to approach.

She expressed her shyness while waiting for his response on what he thought of her.

Kai immediately responded with, “She’s so beautiful but she has reverse charms.

Before things got too serious, Mijoo immediately turned the mood into a joking one with her reaction. She shyly scuffed her foot on the ground, calling for the teasing of the other cast members.

Kai couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at the bluster from the unnies. Jessi and Yoo Jae Suk even pointed out that Mijoo looked like she was wiping poo from her shoe with that pose.

We’d be put on spot too if we had Jessi staring us down! Check out the cute interaction below.