EXO-L Are Convinced Kai’s Nephew Is Growing Up To Be Just Like His Uncle Kai

His nephew is already following in his uncle Kai’s footsteps:

As a proud uncle, EXO‘s Kai, aka “Kaichun,” simply can’t resist dishing out a whole lot of love and affection for his adorable niece and nephew whenever he gets the chance, and luckily for EXO-L, that means lots of sweet pics of them together! His latest Instagram update, however, doesn’t just have fans melting over the pure cuteness that is uncle Kai and his nephew, it also has fans surer than ever that Raeon will grow up to be exactly like his uncle!


Exhibit A! This adorable photo of Kai and Raeon immediately had fans grinning from ear to ear as they took in the duo goofing off together! Upon closer inspection, however, fans soon realized that Raeon was wearing a Gucci jacket further proven by Kai’s “Gucci Raeon-ni” comment under the post!


Kai was selected as the first-ever Korean global ambassador for Gucci back in September and with “Gucci Raeon-ni” rocking some Gucci too, fans were seeing double Gucci kings!


But a Gucci Raeon wasn’t the only reason fans were sure Raeon would be growing up to be just like his uncle. Witness exhibit B! In another post, Kai uploaded a photo of Raeon just chilling and being the cutie that he is.


Under the post, Kai left a few comments sending some love to his nephew and even commenting about how cute Raeon is just like Kai! With a double-dose of “Like me“, fans realized Kai was definitely onto something not only because Kai and his nephew are definitely as cute as they come…


But because Raeon looks just like Kai in his childhood photos!


Add in Raeon’s sweet personality, as well as how much he loves his uncle Kai, and fans are surer than ever that Raeon will grow up to be just like his sweet, funny, kind, talented, and awesome uncle!