EXO-Ls Are 200% Ready For Kai’s New Variety Show After A Clip Of His English Went Viral

Everyone is even more pumped for Kai’s new show!

A few months back it was announced that EXO‘s Kai would be taking part in a brand new variety show to be released this year. While fans were already eagerly awaiting the new show, they’re even more on board after getting a glimpse of the show.


The new show, Let’s Go Mansuro, recently dropped a teaser for the show introducing all of the cast members while showing everyone the ups and downs of meeting and running a soccer team in England.


While the show already had a lot of interest, EXO-Ls are getting even more pumped for the show after seeing Kai shine brightly in the clip…


Especially when it was time for his introduction segment! During his part, fans got to hear Kai interacting with locals in English and it instantly made everyone melt.


In fact, the clip is so loved that pretty soon it was taking over the internet, getting those who hadn’t watched the teaser yet even more interested and pretty soon everyone was expressing their desire to watch the show!


With Let’s Go Mansuro set to air on June 21, it won’t be long before everyone will get to see even more Kai in action! Check out Kai’s adorable moment as well as much more in the full teaser below.