A Recently Resurfaced Clip Of EXO’s Kai Is Showing Everyone Just How Much EXO-Ls Truly Mean To Kai

Just hearing the word “EXO-L” had a clear effect on Kai:

EXO Kai‘s love for EXO-Ls is apparent in everything from the way he interacts with fans on Instagram to the way he goes the extra mile to put a smile on fans’ faces. Recently, however, everyone got another look at how much fans mean to Kai when a clip from 2018 resurfaced online.

Back in 2018, Kai, Suho, and Baekhyun attended the commemorative medal ceremony where the Korean Mint Corporation unveiled nine official commemorative medals for EXO, honoring them for their contribution to the spread Korean culture.

And it was during this ceremony that Kai proved just how much EXO-L mean to him! During the one of the speeches of the evening, EXO-Ls were directly mentioned and cameras caught the exact moment when Kai heard the speaker mention them!

In the clip from the event, Kai can be seen seriously listening to every word the speaker says.

While Kai had kept a very neutral face the entire time and simply nodded along with the speaker’s words, as soon as EXO-Ls were mentioned Kai’s entire face lit up…

And he could be seen smiling from ear-to-ear!

The clip has been capturing a lot of attention from netizens who simply can’t get over Kai’s reaction to hearing EXO-Ls being mentioned! And it’s easy to see why! Seriously, if that isn’t true love then what is?

You can experience Kai’s love for EXO-L for yourself below:

Source: Pann Nate