Kai’s Relationship With This Little Boy Is Really Melting Everyone’s Heart

Uncle Kai is back!

EXO‘s Kai is a very loveable individual. Not only does he have fantastic vocals and jaw-dropping dance skills, but he’s also incredibly great with kids.


Fans who watched him in The Return of Superman known he’s got a special connection with children after they saw how much Gunhoo and Naeun loved their new uncle. But Kai has two more little fans, his own niece and nephew! Fans know he has a soft spot for the two, and even has matching outfits with his nephew!


While he is always showering the two with his love and affection by posting lots of photos and videos to his Instagram page, fans can’t stop their hearts from melting over his latest post.


Recently Kai uploaded a few photos and a video of his latest day out with his nephew Raeon.


While the pictures definitely are definitely sweet, it’s the video and Kai’s caption that have really been putting a smile on everyone’s face. The video is a short clip of Raeon declaring that he hates his Uncle Kai with his uncle asking, “Why?”


Captioned with, “I like Raeonie though,” the adorable moment has quickly captured the attention of netizens who are declaring the moment incredibly cute. And it’s just further proof that Kai really is the perfect man!


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