EXO’s Kai Was Legit Shocked By The Lyrics Of Shinhwa’s “Your Wedding” From 2002

“Is this acceptable?” – Kai

On a recent episode of tvN‘s DoReMi Market, EXO‘s Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Kai appeared on the show where they participated in a song guessing game just by hearing the lyrics.

But some of the lyrics legit shocked Kai.

When he heard the lyrics, “You just happened to become the bride at my little brother’s wedding“, Kai gasped.

And when he heard, “What do I do now? I ended up seeing the ideal type of my dreams“, Kai looked frightened.



He even wrapped his arms around himself and shivered, followed by Chanyeol imitating his reaction.

Lastly, Kai heard the lyrics, “No. Every time I see her, it’ll feel like a nightmare. But I can’t avoid it either. She’s. my first love“, Kai had a very serious question to ask.

Is this acceptable?

– Kai

And even Shin Dong Yup agreed with Kai’s perception of the lyrics.

They sound like psychopaths.

– Shin Dong Yup

Shinhwa “Your Wedding”

Check out the OG boy group’s song from 2002 below:


Source: Insight