EXO’s Kai Couldn’t Resist Trolling Suho When He Asked To Do A Live Together

Suho just wanted to do a live together:

When EXO‘s Suho wanted to join Kai’s Instagram live, well, Kai absolutely couldn’t resist the opportunity to troll his hyung first.


A few days ago, Suho and Kai ended up going live at the same time and when Suho found out, he was more than ready to do an Instagram live together! So what did he do? He ended his live, popped over to Kai’s, and left some comments announcing his presence before sending him a join request.

Accept the request. Let’s do a live together. Together.

— Suho


Suh even pulled the “we are one” card on Kai!

Was it not ‘we are one?’

— Suho


While Suho was all set to start a live together, Kai wasn’t quite ready to let Suho in on his live…at least not until he thoroughly trolled his hyung! After acknowledging Suho’s presence, he acted like he was reporting Suho!


Luckily for Suho, after getting a little teasing in, Kai was ready to do live with him. And once they started their live together they had an absolute blast together with EXO-L!