Kai Made His Return To Instagram But It Wasn’t A Moment For Celebration

EXO-Ls were shocked at the cameraman’s rude and disrespectful behavior.

Not too long ago, EXO-Ls were missing Kai‘s presence on Instagram so much that they trended a new hashtag to let him know they wanted to interact with him again. Now fans have finally gotten their wish, although it wasn’t exactly the moment they had been hoping for.


Kai recently went live in a pretty incredible gym visit with Suho and VIXX‘s Ravi. When fans first saw the update they were absolutely thrilled to see Kai back on Instagram and in a livestream no less!


They enjoyed a ton of moments shared between the three idols and fell in love with their close friendship moment.


But all that great content came with a bit of bitterness. Fans who didn’t speak Korean noticed that there were some moments when the three idols seemed to be a bit uncomfortable and they soon found out why.


Although the video from the livestream has been deleted and only a few clips remain from the entire broadcast, Korean speaking EXO-Ls began posting translations and nobody could believe what the cameraman/trainer said. First, some fans reported that the trainer called Suho the least popular member of EXO. To which Kai was quick to defend his hyung!


Then the trainer found out that Ravi was going to be releasing an album and had worked on the tracks himself. He revealed his surprise before turning to Suho and asking if he wrote anything too, before acting disappointed with the answer he got.


He said some rude things to Ravi…


And fans weren’t so sure the boys were 100% comfortable with the comparisons he made.


To top it off, one fan was pretty sure they heard the trainer say he didn’t care if what he was saying was going to have a negative impact or not!


Fans were absolutely horrified to hear what had been said during the gym session and were immediately grateful that Kai decided not to save the livestream to his page.