EXO’s Kai Teaches Fans A Sneaky Trick For When You’re Exercising At The Gym

Will you be trying this trick?

EXO‘s Kai is known for not only his talent, but his hot body. Of course, it is the rewards of his own hard work. Imagine how many hours he spends at the gym and how much he has to control his food intake! The results of course, are spectacular.

In one of his latest vlogs, he took fans behind-the-scenes, for a look at his preparations for PEACHES. He enlisted the help of his personal trainer to get his body in shape for the album. In a realistic moment, he shared with fans a secret, sneaky tip for when your trainer is pushing you too hard at the gym.

Normally, he does reps of 10 per exercise. However, there are days where 10 is too hard. On such days, he does this to trick his trainer.

While most people start experiencing strain around the 8th rep and then begin to complain, the trainer will likely make you finish the set of 10 that way. Kai recommends starting to express the strain around your 3rd rep, so that the trainer lets you off and you only end up doing around 8! He emphasizes that you need to put on your best acting foot forward and scrunch up your face.

We can’t deny that this is a really good trick for days you want to take things slow! Check out his full vlog below.