EXO’s Kai Has An “Obsession” With Teddy Bears … And We’re Not Upset

Must protect at all costs!

EXO‘s Kai is known to be called a bear by his fans. Ever since his debut, fans have lovingly called him that as they claim he looks like one. As time passed, it seems like Kai himself has begun to enjoy the nickname! On a recent preview of I Live Alone, he showed off his collection of teddy bears.

That’s a lot of bears for one person.

Notice the sole pink cushion in his otherwise chic and dark-toned interior?

Yup, you guessed it! It’s a teddy bear item.

Kai even wears pajamas with teddy bears on them.

It seems he has more than one pair.

Fans also often gift him teddy bear items at concerts.

Isn’t this adorable?

His “obsession” with teddy bears has gotten so famous that whenever EXO receives anything related to bears…

… they automatically give it to him.

There was one day he decided to go all out.

There were bears on his jacket, his back pocket, his scarf, and even in a surprising spot.

Right here!

Kai even dresses his nephew up in teddy bear items as well.

| theqoo

They even wore couple items once.

| theqoo

Sometimes, he carries around smaller bear items to stay lowkey.

Looks normal, right?

Surprise! The adorable singer carried his bear around with him in the front pocket of his bag.

He even spoiled fans once during an Instagram live with a bear hat.

| theqoo

Kai’s love for teddy bears knows no bounds! But as adorable as he is off stage, he turns into a charismatic monster onstage. We can’t wait for his solo album, to be out soon! Stay tuned.

| theqoo


Source: theqoo


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