Viral “Infinite Challenge” Scriptwriter’s Story Of Meeting EXO’s Kai Shows His True Personality

This is a memory she’ll never forget.

On a recent episode of KBC Joy‘s Museum of Broken Relationships, former Infinite Challenge scriptwriter Kim Yoon Eui revealed her sweet and touching memory of meeting EXO‘s Kai.

Kim Yoon Eui first rose to public attention when she gave Infinite Challenge viewers (and the show’s hosts) a cute and hilarious impromptu dance cover of SHINee‘s “Sherlock.”

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To date, the clip of her dancing on MBC‘s YouTube channel has a staggering 6.6 million views.

Soon after the footage was broadcasted, Kim unexpectedly began to rise in popularity herself. In fact, people even began to recognize her during her daily life—including celebrities. But one celebrity meeting in particular stood out to her: the time she met EXO’s Kai.

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Kim Yoon Eui happened to bump into EXO’s Kai at a shooting location, and likely to her surprise, Kai was excited to meet her. The scriptwriter recalled Kai saying, “Oh, this is so awesome. It’s really nice meeting you.” However, things got slightly derailed when another staff member joined in the conversation.

Kim Yoon Eui | KBS N/YouTube

Kim explained that the staff member told her, “Hey, show Kai some of your dance moves.” Of course, given the situation, that put the former scriptwriter in a difficult position. “I didn’t know what to do,” she said, recalling the situation. However, instead of making things even more awkward by encouraging Kim to dance too, Kai said something that left a big impression on her instead.

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Kim revealed that when Kai heard the staff member’s comments, he said, “Don’t. If you are a true dancer, you shouldn’t dance just anywhere.” The EXO star went on to tell Kim Yoon Eui, “I didn’t come here and talk to you because I wanted to see you dance. Don’t worry about it.”

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Kai left soon after, but unsurprisingly, it was an interaction Kim Yoon Eui will never forget. “He left quite a great impression on me,” she revealed, adding that it’s a good memory that still makes her smile to this day.

Source: SBS News


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