EXO’s Kai and Red Velvet’s Wendy Had A “Politeness Battle” And Took It To The Floor — Literally

Polite king and queen, we love to see it!

EXO‘s Kai recently released his new album, Peaches. He appeared on Red Velvet Wendy‘s radio show, Wendy’s Youngstreet. The two had previously admitted to not being super close despite being in the same label. In fact, Kai referred to her as his 8th cousin jokingly. As one isn’t usually close to their 1st or 2nd cousins once removed, you can imagine what a relationship with your 8th cousin would be like!

Even after the show ended, the two kept up their adorably awkward relationship with each other. As bowing is a sign of respect in the industry, usually the junior will bow lower than the senior. In this case however, Kai wanted to show her equal amount of respect, so he matched her bow.

Wendy wasn’t having it though as she gestured for him to get up and when he didn’t she just completely disappeared from the screen in a super low bow.

Kai of course, couldn’t let that be and got down on the floor as well!

A zoomed-out view showed that Wendy went so low down that she was literally on the floor. The bow she is doing is one used to show highest amount of respect and is usually reserved for elders or authorities.

Both their personalities and manners are indeed impeccable! Be sure to tune in to Kai’s latest solo, “Peaches”.