EXO-Ls Are Convinced D.O. Is The Real-Life Snow White And You Will Be Too

The two do have a lot in common!

Male idols often look like they’ve stepped straight from a fairytale where they played the knight in shining armor or the prince charming of everyone’s dream. Recently, however, EXO‘s D.O. isn’t reminding netizens of a prince but one of the most well-known princess and for a very good reason!


While it’s certainly true that EXO’s D.O. really does look like he walked straight out of a storybook where he played the ever so charming, handsome, and heart-fluttering prince charming…


He’s also been drawing comparisons to Snow White lately! At first, it may seem a bit strange that everyone is convinced D.O. to this princess but it turns out the two actually have a lot in common. They’re both outstanding visuals or dare we say, the fairest of them all.


They’ve both got vocals that make everyone fall in love with them.


And they both have a serious way with animals! While fans knew that D.O. was great with pets, they were stunned to see what kind of relationship he had with his new forest friends on a recent episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder.


During the episode, D.O. seemingly charmed a number of deer who followed him wherever he went.


But that wasn’t all! Fans witnessed D.O. and one young fawn sharing a special moment together…


And even a kiss!


There was no denying that D.O. had a special connection with these deer!


EXO-Ls noticed right away and began comparing him to Snow White since she also had a way with all animals!


With his uncanny way with animals, standout visuals, amazing personality, and jaw-dropping vocals, we are now 100% convinced that D.O. really did walk straight out of a fairytale book!


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