PRODUCE X 101’s Lee Eugene Named EXO’s D.O. As The Reason He Decided To Become A Trainee

And he’s the reason he went into acting too!

As one of only two individual trainees on PRODUCE X 101 and having previously debuted as an actor in the JTBC drama SKY Castle, many people have been wondering what prompted Lee Eugene to start training as an idol.


Now the answer has been revealed and it’s melting everyone’s heart! On a recent episode of PRODUCE X 101, Eugene revealed that it was all because of EXO‘s D.O. It all started by watching D.O. star in “Swing Kids”.

I watched the movie ‘Swing Kids’ that D.O. sunbaenim starred in and after watching it I wanted to become like him.

— Lee Eugene


When he watched the movie he wanted to be like D.O. not only as an actor but as an idol as well!

I was inspired by him and I wanted to be an idol as well as an actor. I wanted to do both! I thought, ‘I want to try at least once’ and that’s when I decided to take up this challenge.

— Lee Eugene


The sweet confession has been making many hearts completely melt!


Meanwhile, Eugene is currently sitting at no. 7 after the first episode of PRODUCE X 101.

Source: Newsen